Pain-Free Hair Transplant

Pain-Free Hair Transplant
In traditional hair transplant techniques, the local anesthesia with injection into the scalp can sometimes be unsettling for those patients who fear needles. As Nurhair center, we offer an option of anesthesia without pain by a new unique anesthesia technique as an option for our patients.


The injection of the anesthetic happens so to speak in “high speed”. There is a spring in the piston of the Comfort In System. At the lower end there is a nozzle with a piston in which the anesthetic is filled. The lower opening of the piston is about 0.15 mm in size and can be filled with 0.5 ml of an anesthetic (which is quite sufficient in a hair transplant). When the trigger on the top of the stylus is pushed, the piston in the nozzle will shoot down.


As a result, such a high pressure builds up in a short time that the anesthetic is injected directly through the skin into the underlying tissue. The piston has only about a third of a second of contact with the skin. This makes the application virtually painless. Only the moment in which the anesthetic gets under the skin, can be perceived as something unpleasant.


By this solution local anesthesia is applied with a special tool without needle, So the patients who want their hair back but with the fear of needles can easily have their hair transplants.


We don’t need any needle for the local anesthesia so you will feel less pain and maybe You will feel a little bit pressure for some seconds, your body also doesn’t need to deal with wound healing, therefore there are no risks for infections.


Our center is unique in its acquisition of this technology and prides itself in providing all that is required by the comfort of its customers.




- less puncture wounds.

- less pain.

- fast, simple and guaranteed results.

- no risks for infections.

- Effective technique, Patented and certified technique.

- Ease and freedom of use in any area of the head