Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation
Among the hair transplantation the most delicate application is eyebrow transplantation, which requires a lot of care. Since eyebrow is the most prominent structure of our face; transplantation angle, transplantation direction, and eyebrow shape should be carefully designed by a specialist.


The hair grafts that we used, how are chosen?

The hairs present in the nape region, are collected using the finest punches with the help of micro motors. It is preferred that the hair roots that are extracted are made by one hair for eyebrow planting. Since multiple grafts break the naturalness of the eyebrows, so they cannot be directly extracted and implanted, but multiple grafts can  taken under a microscope and made a one hair graft in the way to be used for eyebrow transplantation.

Does the patient will feel pain during eyebrow implantation?

Eyebrow transplantation is treated with a simple local anesthesia as it is in other hair transplantations and nowadays the eyebrows have become a comfortable operation where the person does not feel pain after the procedure. The anatomical structure of the eyebrows should be taken into consideration during the transplantation process. Eyebrow transplantations made by expert doctors and experienced team provide a very natural look.


how long after the eyebrow operation i can see the complete result?

It takes 8-12 months for the eyebrows to collect themselves and get their true shape. During this period of minimum 3-6 months, the hair in the brow region must be cut  with a scissor once a week until the hair will have the same eyebrows characteristics.